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Cordova 2009
The AMXtreme Team


Tom is a lifelong gearhead and a dedicated AMC aficionado. He has owned AMCs continuously since 1972. He bought his first Rebel Machine from a local radio station for $150 when he was 16, and has never looked back. Today the "AMC Crib" is a 3500 sq ft space dedicated to all things AMC, and holds:

5 1970 Rebel Machines (1 restored, 2 in progress, 1 major project, 1 organ donor)
1970 Mark Donohue Javelin
1970 AMX (street/strip)
1969 AMX drag car (8 second doorslammer)
1969 SS/AMX clone (the Kenosha Killer)
1976 Gremlin drag car (street legal)
1971 Javelin (401 4 speed, soon to be RWB 71 Trans AM Javelin clone)
2 1969 SC/Ramblers (both projects)
1970 BBG Javelin (project)
1972 Gremlin (project, may be for sale soon)

When not messing around in the garage, Tom enjoys blowing things up.


National Dragster Challenge, 2008
The trophy was way cool!

Evan (Fastest kid on the planet)
Evan has been a familiar face at AMC shows and races for many years.  His knowledge of cars is extensive, and he has experience in everything from checking tire pressure to pulling a motor.  Evan has his sights set on the 1970 BBG Javelin (360 4 spd) as his first car, so that's one of our projects for this winter.  He made the move from pit crew to driver in 2006, jumping behind the wheel of a Jr. Dragster.  He immediately showed the old guys how it should be done by winning 5 straight rounds and the winner's trophy in his very first race.

Dick has been an AMC fan since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Upon his return from Vietnam in 1968, Dick bought an 290 4-speed AMX and enjoyed the car both on the street and at the track. Dick then moved to Texas, buying an SC/360 Hornet which he tuned well enough to get into the 11s with the 360 still under the hood. A local dealer noticed Dick's skill behind the wheel and enlisted him to drive a 9-second Pro Stock Gremlin.
Dick then purchased another AMX and returned to Michigan. That AMX was a fixture in West Michigan until Dick sold it to George, and the car was off to New Jersey. After a very successful run in Nostalgia Super Stock, the car returned to Michigan in November 2008, and Dick slid into its very familiar driver's seat for the 2009 season.

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