History / Background

Here's what the AMXtreme Team is all about...

The Crib
Note the "flag" floor.

It all started when I was 15 (for those of you keeping score, that was more than a few years ago but AFTER the Ice Age).  I bought my first AMC, a 1966 Ambassador, for $35.  It barely had enough compression to get out of its own way, so I bought a 1963 Ambassador and borrowed its 327-4V (that's an AMC 327, not a Chevy).  A 1970 Rebel Machine soon followed, then another.  Soon AMCs became an addiction.  The purchase of a 3500 sq ft shop/showroom, along with a very understanding wife, has allowed the obsession to flourish.
Early on, the passion was directed mostly toward restoration and mild modifications to street cars, with occasional trips to the racetrack.  A concours-level restoration of a 1970 Rebel Machine has been the biggest of these projects, and more are planned.  While I enjoy restoring cars, showing them, and driving them, racing has become much more of an all-consuming hobby---in terms of both time and money.
After buying a beautifully engineered 69 AMX drag car, my good friend Doug was recruited to drive it until I got a bit more experience.  We have had great fun, and I have found that the behind-the-scenes work is almost as much fun as the behind-the-wheel experience.  The real professional, Evan, was "hired" in 2006 to pilot the Jr. Dragster, and found immediate success.
The team has continued to grow, and we plan to field three race cars in 2011. Evan will, of course, continue to pilot the Jr. Dragster. Dick will take the wheel of his old car, the Kenosha Killer. Tom will continue to run the black car, but there may be a surprise lurking under the hood.
This website was established to document our team's progress, challenges, and success (or lack thereof).  I hope that our friends will visit often.  If you see us at the track, please say hi!