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Tackling AMC Projects from Complete Restoration to Resto-Mods

1970 Rebel Machine


This car is the result of a 5-year "ground-up" restoration. All body work was done by Pro Body of Holland, Michigan, who are experts in the restoration of vintage muscle cars. I did most of the mechanical work myself, with some assistance from ND Engines. This car will be featured on Spike TV's "Muscle Car" program in early 2009 (probably February).


These pictures are from the 2006 Dayton, Ohio AMO Meet, where the car won Junior Gold. The restoration was done as faithfully as possible---when was the last time you saw a complete smog system (complete with the original cap-style injector tubes) on a Rebel Machine?


1970 Mark Donohue Javelin


This car was restored almost 20 years ago by the previous owner, but still won silver at its last AMO Meet (Lansing, Michigan, 2003). It is a former American Cup car, and has the distinction of being the only car to have held the top award from AMO, NAMDRA, and AMCRC in the same year.


It is now driven regularly, and even saw action at Great AMC Day in 2006 (GAD V), turning very respectable numbers despite enormous amounts of wheelspin (it has an open rear end). It is an absolute blast to drive.

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