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May 2, 2011
Sorry for the lack of recent updates---it has been a very busy time.  The AMXtreme Team is off to a good start in 2011, with Evan taking the victory at Mid-Michigan Motorplex on Opening Day.  Spring weather has been non-existent in Michigan this year, so the big cars have not yet been out.  All three still need a few small things, but they should be hitting the track soon.  Dick insists that he has retired from driving, so there may be a couple of fresh faces to replace that ugly mug this year (just kidding, Dick---we love you!).
If you can spare an afternoon, please come out and watch us sometime.  We promise it will be fun!

September 16, 2010
Well, the 2010 season is in the books.  It was a very challenging one, with delays in engine projects pushing back the start of the season for the Black Car.  The Gremlin lived up to its name, and there was not enough time to track down various persistent oil leaks.  Even the Killer was sidelined with carburetor issues.
On the other hand, Evan had a very successful season.  He consistently nailed the tree, and the car was very consistent (most of the time).  We missed several races (5), which hurt him in the points race.  Still, he wound up in fifth place after racking up 5 victories (plus a couple more in second chance races.  He had several triple zero lights, was 5-0 in final rounds, and had a fantastic W-L record.  In fact, I will go back to the slips to verify, but I THINK he only lost one race after the first round all summer---that's incredible!
We are already looking forward to next year, but we have a TON of work to do in the offseason!
April 24, 2010

Well, we're gearing up for the 2010 season.  The motor on the Jr. Dragster has been freshened, and we're trying out a new Shockwave clutch.  The Black Car also has a fresh mill... or rather it will when I get a few free hours to drop it in.  The Killer has authentic crossram intake, a couple of rebuilt Holleys, new slicks, and a new torque convertor.

Work on the big motor is slow, but progressing.  It may actually be finished this summer, although the extensive mods required may delay installation until the 2011 season.  Two other motor rebuilds are currently in progress for restoration projects (pictures soon).

November 14, 2009

The 2009 race season is now in the books. It took us a little while to get on track this year, largely because of a late start and a few unexpected mechanical problems. Still, we managed to solve our problems and became very competitive. Highlights of the 2009 season included three perfect lights by Evan, including one at the Eastern Conference Finals in Bristol, TN. We also made strong showings at the AMC National events that we attended, with runner-up finishes in our class at both Great AMC Day in Ohio and the NAMDRA Nationals in Illinois. At Cordova, we were the fastest door car qualifier, with an 8.36 second run at nearly 165 mph.
The team received some good publicity, too---we were featured in the local paper twice and once on national TV. There is a bit of work to do in the winter (isn't there always?), but we are chomping at the bit for the next racing season to begin. Once again, we want to thank our sponsors, without whom we would not be able to field a full race team. We also want to welcome our two newest sponsors, Engine Machine Services and Trick Titanium. We look forward to long and productive partnerships with each of them.

See you at the track in 2010!!!

January 4, 2009

Well, the 2008 race season has ended, and it was a good one. We faced adversity, with a number of mechanical issues and a garage burglary that nearly caused us to miss opening day. With the help of friends and fellow racers, we managed to put together a very successful season.
In fact, the AMXtreme team finished the year with not one, but TWO championships. Evan made it to an incredible 10 finals, winning seven. He won the O'Reilly Junior Dragster Challenge at Mid-Michigan Motorplex, and raced well at Bristol. He finished off 2008 with a flourish, with two wins and a runner-up in the final three races, making him the 2008 Mid-Michigan Motorplex Track Champion!
George also had an amazing year in the Kenosha Killer, riding an almost unbelievable string of four consecutive victories to the 2008 East Coast Nostalgia Super Stock Championship.
Depite missing 8 weeks of the season, Tom still finished in the top 10 in his points race. Highlights of his season were a semifinal finish in Pro class in the NHRA "King of the Track" competition and his first-ever 0.000 light.
Dick suffered from mechanical problems (gremlins?) in the Gremlin. Still, he managed to replace the motor, brakes, and various other parts to get it back on the track. With only a few races in 2008, Dick is eager for next year.
In addition, two AMXtreme vehicles garnered substantial interest from the television media. First, George and the Killer were featured in a "Pinks All Out" outtakes show. Next spring, look for Tom and the Rebel Machine on an episode of Muscle Car (Spike TV).
Wow...two championships, exposure on two national TV programs...what an incredible year!
We would like to thank all those who pitched in with a wrench, a rag, or a run to the parts store. A special thanks goes to Craig Blossom, who generously loaned us a car so that we could still compete in the day's race after Evan's car broke. Finally, we would like to thank our fans, whose support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoyed the show.

Last updated April 24, 2010

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